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La Patch V0.6 Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre

La Patch V0.6 Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre: A Fan-Made Translation Project

Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre is the third and final installment of the Inazuma Eleven 3 series, a popular soccer RPG game developed by Level-5 for the Nintendo DS. The game was released in Japan in December 2010, but it never got an official localization outside of Japan. However, thanks to a dedicated team of fans, the game has been partially translated into English and French, allowing players to enjoy the game with most of the menus, items, moves, and players' names in their preferred language.

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The fan-made translation project, known as La Patch V0.6 Inazuma Eleven 3 The Ogre, was started by Roxas75 in 2011, and later continued by OuiOui2003 and other contributors. The project aimed to translate not only the gameplay elements, but also the story and dialogues of the game. However, due to the difficulty and complexity of the game's files, the project was stopped in 2013, after releasing the final version of the patch: v0.6.

The v0.6 patch is available in three versions: European English, Undub, and French. The patch can only be applied to the Japanese version of the game, and it requires a DS emulator or a flashcard to run. The patch is not perfect, and it does not translate everything in the game. However, it does provide a playable and enjoyable experience for fans who want to try out this game.

What does the v0.6 patch translate?

The v0.6 patch translates most of the gameplay elements that are essential for playing the game. These include:

  • All menus and options

  • All items and moves descriptions

  • All players' names and descriptions

  • All teams' names and logos

  • All tournaments' names and rules

  • All passwords to unlock players

The patch also translates some of the story and dialogues of the game, but not all of them. The French version has more translated dialogues than the English and Undub versions, but it still does not cover the entire story. The English and Undub versions have only a few translated dialogues, mostly from the beginning of the game. The rest of the story is in Japanese.

Where can I download the v0.6 patch?