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We downloaded bigwig and peak files corresponding to 184 granulocyte and 173 monocyte H3K27ac ChIP-seq datasets from the IHEC Data Portal58 (accession numbers of IHEC datasets are in Supplementary Table 54). We obtained the intersection of IHEC peaks with peaks in our data (26,429 granulocyte and 33,720 monocyte peaks common to both) and used the bigWigAveToBed tool to calculate peak heights in the IHEC dataset59. For comparison to IHEC, we converted BAM files from this study to bigwig format and then ran bigWigAveToBed on the same peak regions. For each peak region, we correlated mean peak height (across samples) in the IHEC dataset to mean peak height (across samples) in our dataset.

Hawas 3 mp4 movie download


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