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Hello group,an advanced and integrated CAS help is available.Some highlights:- integrates seamlessly into the built-in software- fixes some bugs of the built-in help- remembers the last shown help- shows help in current or mini font- shows stack diagrams in pretty print- shows help in RPN and ALG- pushes examples in the current mode ( RPN or ALG) onto the stackThis help will be integrated into the next upcoming release of theMultiLingualPack.Watch the video of the new integrated CAS help: =BnmvJmyZi30Note that this help engine could be used to bring the AUR as an onlinehelp for all commands into the calculator (but that will be a lot ofwork :-)Regards,Andreas

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I have just released an all new and extend CAS help which gives helpwith RPN and ALG mode and also has an example for both modes.Again, note that this help engine could be used to integrate acomplete online help into the existing software, e.g. bringing the AURas an online help system into the calculator by giving a [HELP] buttonto every entry in the catalog of all commands.A video showing the new and extend CAS help can be viewed here: =BnmvJmyZi30Registered users can download the update from my website and apply theupdate.Demo versions for a physical machine are available on request throughthis website: Alternatively there are ready to use EMU49 Document (*.E49) for theemulator of the HP 50g from debug4x on my website.Regards,Andreas 041b061a72


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