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Cookie Jam APK: Solve Puzzles with Cookies, Candies, and Cakes

At a first glance, there is nothing different from this game. Cookie Jam for Android does fit into the classic game of match-3 puzzle that also applies to Candy Crush. What can be noticed here, of course, it lies in the type of foods to be used. It is all about bakery goods like donuts, cookies, jam, and all the sweet treats. The eyes of the player are really spoiled with the visual colors provided. It is very good for graphics.

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If anything surprises you about Cookie Jam, then you are clearly not versed in the formula of match-three puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga. Create horizontal or vertical lines of three or more cookies of the same color, and then watch as they vanish from the board, causing all above to tumble down in the gap formed by their disappearance.

Cookie Jam's changes to the genre's standard formula are tiny, but enough to make a difference. Rather than boards being endless high-score chasing affairs, you have to disappear a set number of specific colored cookies to match a recipe. Other colors are a nice bonus to your score, but with a set number of moves, lining up the required cookies quickly is the main focus.

Finishing with moves to spare causes super cookies to be added to the gird. This special snacks erase whole lines of treats to increase your score before the round finishes. Similar power snacks can also be created by forming combos of 4 and 5, or by creating a T shape of cookies during play.

Cookie Jam BlastTM Match 3 Game is a new version with much positive feedback from fans. You are immersed in an exciting world of food with many ongoing challenges. Players must concentrate on moving items to form a long line of three similar items. The more rows you form, the more points you get. Players must complete the number of cookies they ordered or clear all items on the board before time runs out. If you can create more than three pieces in a row, you will receive the super combo that destroys the most items. Players should work hard to accumulate more new prizes and redemption points. Three distinct levels with three distinct play styles necessitate your participation.

Rocket formation challenges allow you to crush more eerie items. Only Cookie Jam BlastTM Match 3 Game has many winning wheels and puzzles. Furthermore, you use more ingredients in your shop with Chef Panda to create delectable desserts. With each level completed, more similar small puzzles will appear, requiring you to use all the materials to complete your finished product. The explosive powers have a high destructive power, allowing you to destroy many candy and cookie puzzle pieces. Jelly bees give players an advantage by allowing strange items to explode quickly.

Playing Cookie Jam is so much fun with high-speed match-3 traditional style. Especially the visual and taste buds are awakened intensely because all the boxes in each scene are filled with sweet cookies, candies, and jams.

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