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Alexandra Belle

Yes, the Ola Bell Reed project, which you can look at on We're still working on it. This was my pandemic project, initially when I got into it. I'll give you a little background on that. Ola Belle was a folk-country musician based in rising sun, Maryland, from the 60s into the early 90s. She passed away in 2002. Ola Belle has been an influential female songwriter in the folk revival. She transitioned from being a traditional country musician to being a folk icon. We've wanted to do a short film on her for a long time, and it's just been a rich experience. I'm working with her family. We've found archival material and folks to interview. We're wrapping up by next spring and curating an exhibit at the library gallery on Ola Belle and the migration of Folk from North Carolina to Maryland in the 1930s. They will include a film screening as well as a concert. We're still arranging that now. So, lots of things are happening with the Ola Belle project.

alexandra belle

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