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Buy Round Rugs Online

Our round Jute rugs are a popular choice for both coastal and modern interiors. This rustic fibre adds a natural appeal to a space, blending seamlessly with your interior. Our Catalina Jute Rug is a must-have for an eco-friendly household. This handwoven creation has a soft golden sheen that perfectly complements your decor. The strong fibres make this rug durable enough for high traffic areas.

buy round rugs online

Round rugs are a great addition to practically any room of the home. Placed in an entry, they are a stylish alternative to the typical hallway runner. A large round rug can also create depth in small space making it feel larger.

Off-centred round rugs are a beautiful touch in the bedroom. Place one to the side of your bed to create a sense of romance. Place a round pink rug in your childs bedroom to create a theme. In a playroom they are the perfect place for your child to sit comfortably and play with their toys.

Our aim is to make shopping online an enjoyable experience. You can browse our complete range of products from the comfort of your sofa. We also offer our customers a variety of secure payment options including PayPal, Zip and AfterPay.

Round rugs are a beautiful alternative to the more traditional rectangular rugs, and can sit well in smaller or awkward spaces in the home, creating a focal point and grounding the space. Choose from large round rugs and small round rugs in a variety of colours, for example a round grey rug.

Circle rugs can work well as kitchen rugs, especially underneath a round or oval dining table or in an open plan space to create a specific zone in the room. Round jute rugs make perfect kitchen rugs thanks to their natural properties. The textured woven finishes of a round cotton rug mean they will hide crumbs without a trace, but luckily the anti-bacterial properties that these fabrics possess won't trap any nasty bacteria alongside them. Both jute and wool live up to the level of durability that kitchen rugs require, so you can rest easy knowing your round rug will stand the test of time.

Shopping for bathroom rugs can also be a little confusing; the bathroom can more often than not be one of the most cramped spaces in your home, and finding a rug to fit this space can be tough. Luckily, this is where a small round cotton rug can once again work well - our range of sizes begin from 90cm, so we have a small round rug to fit most bathrooms. Plus, elegant circular rugs can usually fit into awkward spaces, working better alongside your bathroom furniture than a large round rug might.

Circular rugs are simply stunning as living room rugs, adding a beautiful curve and gracefulness to your room. Place a large round rug under round coffee table or side tables, or centre in your room to create a focal point - the options are endless. For a relaxed, boho vibe, opt for a round rug in natural jute to bring some nature indoors and create a grounded feel. Or, for a more sophisticated look, opt for a wool fabric in a round grey rug or white round rug.

Round rugs also make wonderful bedroom rugs, particularly a jute round rug or small round rug. The insulating properties of the fibres will add warmth and insulation to your bedroom, and the circular shape will work to visually soften any sharp edges in the room. Thanks to their anti-allergenic properties, these round rugs are also ideal as children's rugs.

At URBANARA, our range of rugs has something for everyone, whether you're looking for a traditional pattern in a flat weave, or a more modern design in plush wool. Our rugs are all made with 100% natural materials of the highest quality, sourced directly from the communities who expertly make them.

As part of our quality shopping experience, we offer free ground shipping. Plus, to ensure that our customers can buy with total confidence and peace of mind, we offer free 100 day returns on all purchases.

All our rugs are top quality and they come in huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors and texture. love providing rugs that are created by passionate artists and are of great quality. We design beautiful braided rugs for your home, using high quality materials in a wide range of patterns and designs.Braided Rugs not only add a rustic feel to the home decor but also provide other benefits like keeping the floor safe and warm. We believe in a holistic approach which will connect the artist and your home decor idea together.We sell some of the best brand names in the market like Homespice at very affordable prices.

With different materials rugs are made from, your rugs could have different types of textures if you so wish. Handcrafted rugs to even power loomed ones, Rugs Online can help you choose the one that can fit right in your space.

We use top-quality rug materials. We offer a variety of hand-made to power loomed rugs of different materials. For round rugs, we have those made of braided jute, polypropylene, New Zealand wool, pure silk, and a combination of wool and silk.

We have 7 distribution centres worldwide. All rugs are shipped from our centre closer to customers effectively reducing shipping time. This means your rugs should arrive quickly within the next week or two.

The easiest way to add a touch of elegance to any room is to throw a stylish round rug. A wide range of Rugs Town 4' round rugs bring comfort and style to your home. The collection is suitable for spaces of all styles and sizes, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and terraces.

Go global with internationally inspired designs. The 4' round rugs come with rich colors, medallion or vine patterns, and leaf designs to infuse an exotic look into your home. This look is a great way to bring a chic flair.

Enjoy the bright and elegant florals. The floral 4' round rugs look great in a bedroom or living room. This classic pattern gets a boost when you choose 4' round rugs featuring vibrant colors like bright blue, eye-catching yellow, and neon pink.

With numerous unique 4' round rugs options, we can help you find the perfect fit for your style and home. Discover our wide range of rugs that best suits the interior design and look beautiful. Buy now!

A rug brings all your interior design and decorative elements together creating a cohesive and well-connected space. You can get exquisite area rugs at a great price from Boutique Rugs.

Boutique Rugs is not just an online rug website. We are a group of passionate rug enthusiasts who have dedicated our lives to finding the perfect rugs for our customers. We believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful home, and we want to help you make that happen. Browse our website to start shopping for your perfect rug online!

When you buy a rug online from Boutique Rugs, you're not just getting a piece of home décor - you're making an investment. A quality rug can last for years if it's properly cared for. We know that it is hard to decide on such an important purchase without seeing the rug in person, so we offer free shipping and a 60-day return policy on all of our rugs for sale. This way, you can be sure that you're making the best decision for your home.

Looking for rugs around your area? Why limit yourself to physical rug stores near you when you can shop rugs online from the comfort of your own home? Boutique Rugs offers free shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States. Boutique Rugs is also proud to ship rugs internationally! No matter where you are in the world, we can help you find the perfect rug for your home. Canada, UK, Australia - we ship to all corners of the globe. Make sure to select the international shipping option at checkout.

Complete your rug search at with over 20,000 rug styles to shop from with a low-price guarantee, 30-day return policy and absolutely free delivery for any order over $99.99. You'll find area rugs by all the quality brands you expect including the largest selection from Safavieh, on-trend decor designs from Surya, a balance of traditional and modern designs from Nourison and innovative construction and material from Loloi.

We have an extensive rug collection that runs the gamut of popular styles from easy to clean washable rugs, luxurious soft shag rugs to vintage traditional rugs that update a contemporary living room. Our Bohemian rugs come in mild to wild designs for bedrooms and kitchens while our Moroccan rugs are perfect to cover and floor in your home with their pleasing transitional designs. We even stock specialty designs like down-home braided rugs for a little bit of country and coastal or solid color outdoor rugs to make a splash on your patio by your pool or lanai. makes the process of considering size and shape before buying simple! A rug should suit its space; think runner rugs for long hallways, kitchens or bedrooms. An 8x10 rug or 10x14 oversized up to a mansion-sized rug will be best for your biggest rooms. Many living rooms and bedrooms look best when adding a 5x8 rug or properly fitted 6x9 in front of a couch or bed. The smaller 4x6 rugs may be the perfect size for your font door entrance or quaint kitchen to add cushion to your cooking!

Different shaped rugs can have different purposes in your home. Round rugs under a kitchen table can add symmetry to the room. Oval rugs are also popular in kitchens and traditional or coastal motif rooms, especially in a braided style. Runner rugs fit narrow hallways and tight kitchens while increasing safety when used with comfortable non-slip rug pads.

Here at we bring together the best names in rug design, reliable brands that you can trust to deliver style and long-lasting quality to your home. Area rugs present a quick and easy way to add character to an interior, set a tone, or warm up a room. We stand behind our rugs with stress-free ordering and our customer service reps are standing by, ready to help you with that special rug purchase. Let them know what you're looking for and they'll find it in a flash. 041b061a72


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